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Sunday, November 17, 2019
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What do all these Baptist acronyms MEAN?!

"All these acronyms are GREEK to me!  What do they mean?!  And some of the names that you are saying don't make sense to me!  I feel lost!"
Farmville Baptist Church is here to help you.  We understand that not everyone was born and raised in a Baptist environment and we want you to feel completely at ease when you are with our family.  Below is a list of all the acronyms and names that may not make sense until you understand what they mean.  We do not want you to feel lost in any way.  If you have any further questions, please send us an email and we will get your questions answered. 
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IMB - International Missions Board - We take up an offering called Lottie Moon offering to support  this board.  This offering is held around Christmas time.  It was named after Lottie Moon (1840 - 1912), who died on her way home from China on Christmas Eve.  The International Mission Board receives support from the Cooperative Program that pays all the overhead and a portion of the salaries, making it possible for 100% of offering receipts go to missionaries in the field and toward their equipment.
NAMB - North American Missions Board - We take up an offering called the Annie Armstrong offering to support this board.  This offering is held at the time of Easter.  It was named after Annie Armstrong (1850-1938) because she was an advocate and supporter of mission efforts throughout the world.  Annie Armstrong led women to unite in mission endeavors that ultimately led to the formation of Woman's Missionary Union, for which she served as the first corresponding secretary.
TLBA - Tuskegee-Lee Baptist Association - This is our local affiliated association.  This association is a group of churches that cooperate to provide training, ministries, and mission action projects.  
     This is a missions based group of women that focus on certain missions throughout the year.  
Within this group is a children's area that missions are taught.  That is where you will see the acronyms: 
                          RAs - Boys Missions Class (Grades 1-6)
                          GAs - Girls in Action -  Missions Class (Grades 1-6)
                          CIAs - Mixed gender Missions Class (Grades 1-6) *This is the class we offer at Farmville at this time.
                          Challengers - Teen Boys Missions Class (Grades 7-12)
                          Acteens - Teen Girls Missions Class (Grades 7-12)
Brotherhood - This is men's organization that have times of fellowship together on a regular basis.
Clerk - This person is the keeper of the minutes in Church Business Meetings. 
Communion - Another name for the Lord's Supper
Council - This is a group of people from within the Church that help establish what events will be held, keep everyone updated with what the Committees have going on, and more...
 Names within our Church that you may want to understand better: 
Sunday School Classes:
     Sun Shining Seniors - This is our Senior-aged ladies' class.
     Wisdom Builders - This is our middle-aged class (all ages welcome!) that teaches from the "Explore the Bible" curriculum.
     Home Builders - This is our young-adult and median-adult age class that focuses on building strong foundations in our familes - whether  single, newlyweds, or married for 40+ years.
     Seekers - This is our young-adult and median-adult age class that digs into God's Word and applies it to daily life.
     Men's Class - Smaller group...well, for men...of all ages.
Coasters -  This is a group of middle to Senior-aged adults that take trips and have game-days (checkers, cards, dominoes) on a regular basis.