Farmville Baptist Church
Sunday, November 17, 2019
As conservative as the Word of God, as liberal as the heart of God.

Sunday School Groups

Sunday School Groups begin at 9:30.  Farmville offers a class for everyone in your family!


Sunday School LIFE Groups Listing



Nursery (Room 113)

Cindy Davis

Pre-K - 1st Grades (Room 115)

Sherri Cash

2nd - 6th Grades (Room 108)          

Kristee Treadwell

Youth...7th - 12th Grades (Student House)

Cindy Heath

Young Adults (Student House)

John Treadwell     

Men's Class (Room 102)

Jim Gilchrist

Ladies' Class (Room 204)

Pete Fussell

Wisdom Builders  (Room 207)     

Michael Mayfield & Phillip Green