Farmville Baptist Church
Monday, May 20, 2019
As conservative as the Word of God, as liberal as the heart of God.

Sunday School Groups

Sunday School Groups begin at 9:30.  Farmville offers a class for everyone in your family!


Sunday School LIFE Groups Listing



Nursery (Room 113)

Cindy Davis/Mallory Mayfield

Pre-K - Kindergarten (Room 115)

Sherri Cash

1st - 3rd Grades (Room 111)               

Chris Kidd

3rd - 6th Grades (Room 108)

Kristee Treadwell

Youth...7th - 12th Grades (Student House)

Cindy Heath

College/20 Something's (Student House)

John Treadwell     

Men's Class (Room 102)

Jim Gilchrist

Ladies' Class (Room 204)

Pete Fussell

Homebuilders (Room 108)

Brian Williams

Wisdom Builders  (Room 207)

Rick Eastman

Friends in Faith (Room 205)     

Mechell Mitchell